Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Price: $27.99
(as of Jun 17,2021 21:02:02 UTC – Details)

【Corrector Posture & Relieve pain & Regain Confidence】The Cross-Shaped Design of the back straps provides support from all angles and gently disperse the tension you need for alignment and stability without hurting the back, which helps relieve back, neck, shoulders pain. It corrects your shoulder posture, straightens your back, and change the bad habits of slouching, hunchback. The back straightener makes you stand upright and become more confident & attractive.
【Innovative Design】This Posture Corrector incorporates two adjustable straps across your chest and waist which avoid cutting into your underarms, and minimize risk of underarm chafing. which not only solves the problem of armpit discomfort but also guarantee posture correction effect. You don’t need to worry the back support dig into your armpits and hurt your skin any more.Product does not match standard clothes sizes. Please follow OUR SIZE CHART.
【Durable & Comfortable】The Posture Corrector for women & posture corrector for men is made of breathable, soft, washable materials, for long-lasting back support. Wear it at the office, at home or just on a walk to improve your posture. Just wear our fully back support posture brace for 1-2 hours every day, to stand straighter and more confident!
【Easy to Use】Based on Ergonomics design with adjustable straps to fit waists circumferences from 26 to 49.5inches. Multiple sizes to choose from which for waists from S: 26-31.5 inches, M: 31-35.5 inches, L: 35.5-39.5 inches, XL: 39.5-43.5 inches, XXL: 43.5-49.5 inches. Just wear our back support posture brace for 1-5 hours every day.
【Easy to wear】 You can easily put on the posture corrector by yourself following these steps: First, just put on the posture corrector and adjust the shoulder pads. Second, fasten the waist band comfortably. Third, pull on the elastic back straps and attach the Velcro to the waist belt. Finally, your shoulders and back will feel stretched.

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