Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

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Did you know that Black Americans have totaled 13% of the population for nearly 30 years? This book succinctly discusses the many ways that white supremacy controls Black people with the obvious goal being genocide. Widely acclaimed as one of the world’s most influential historians and debaters, DC Cannon backs up the claims of Black Genocide by chronicling American history, providing stats, facts, and proof that the goal of white supremacy is to exterminate Black people in both America and Africa. No other book provides such a rich amount of history detailing the three dimensional removal of a race of people. The author demonstrates that by using weapons such as prison, homosexuality, abortions, violent rap music, drugs, poverty, and more, white power has succeeded in lowering the Black birthrate, ultimately preventing the growth of Black Americans, and obviously intends to openly genocide Blacks from the planet Earth.The book doesn’t stop there, but also details how Black America can thwart the goal of Black Genocide. White Resume is a must read for anyone interested in history, racism, white supremacy and Black Genocide. There is no such thing as hyperbole when a race is at stake of being deleted right before your very eyes! The stakes couldn’t be any higher. The takeaway for readers will be that yes, a Black Genocide is actually happening, and no, the race war that white supremacy is waging will not succeed if Black Americans act by implementing the actions that are suggested in White Resume. This critical book serves as a handbook on survival and without a doubt, White Resume, The History of White Supremacy, Control and Black Genocide has no equals and is long overdue. If you find yourself involved in discussions about police accountability, prison, homosexuality, abortion, systemic racism, black on black crime, or white supremacy, then White Resume is a perfect book for you.

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